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Reasons why we support the largest brands

  • Large Social Audience

    Large Social Audience

    Google Authorship, Twitter and Facebook have to be present for outreach

  • 100% Real Sites

    100% Real Sites

    Allguest blog posts are from a unique class c ip address to pass maximum value to your site.

  • No Blog Networks

    No Blog Networks

    Penguin 2.0 is on the approach and this will stamp out blog networks

  • Penguin & Panda Proof

    Penguin & Panda Proof

    Guest Blogging has to be done in compliance with Penguin & Panda

  • Permanent Links

    Permanent Links

    These are not guaranteed permanent but they will be there as long as the blog is.

  • Pre-Approve Sites

    Pre-Approve Sites

    We allow you to sign of the sites before we publish the articles if required

  • Domain Authority 20-95

    Domain Authority 20-95

    Our blogs are not a part of Network Blog Sites

  • Page Rank 1-9 Available

    Page Rank 1-9 Available

    We sell on PR or DA whatever you prefer. This are the most widely used metrics

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Those are spot on and very targeted. As I think they say in the UK, that's "the dogs bollox!"
Tim Reibling
- (Director)

Guest Blog Post Service

The Safest Way To Build Links As Part Of Your SEO Campaign With A Guest Post

If you need a Guest Blog Post Service you are in the right place, we don’t only deliver hundreds of guest blogs per month to SEO search agencies, Full service marketing companies, we now can deal directly with your company with our in-house guest bloggers, delivering the same quality links that multi-million pound businesses buy from us.

Why The Largest Search Providers Use Us

If you are going to invest in SEO in this current climate, it is essential that the money you spend is sustainable and is a solid investment into the future of the business and not here one minute and gone the next.

The key behind this business model is our blogger outreach capability with many guest blog post writers who are multi-lingual and the ability to outreach to existing and new potential websites.

We understand this so this is why we let you choose the quality metrics so we can safe guard your site with building safe Google friendly links.

Popular Quality Metrics:

  • Domain Authority
  • Social Signals
  • Limited Adsense
  • No Free Press Sites
  • Mozrank
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Minimum 500 Word Articles
  • No More Than 5 Outbound Links Per Page
  • Relevancy
  • Each Link Comes From  A Unique Class C IP Address
  • No Networks
  • Individual Site Owners
  • Internal Linking

So as you can see the Guest Blog Post Service has a lot of experience by our understanding of your individual requirements due to working with a variety of different companies.

High Value, In-Content, Relevant Links

With the latest Google algorithm’s the conventional link building techniques no longer deliver results and can be dangerous to link profiles trying to compete in any markets.

  1. Moving away from spammy links
  2. Move away from dated linking techniques
  3. Remove all paid links
  4. Stay away from link building networks
  5. Stay away from social media spam

We have been guest blogging for a couple of years and have a large contact base for credible sustainable guest blog posts.

Relevant Contextual Links

We understand that relevancy and contextual linking is the only way to currently link build, There are many cheap suppliers however here at Guest Blog post Service we are only interested in Sustainable link building, we avoid poor quality sites which will deliver a low ROI to you or your customer.

All though our service is not the cheapest we believe that the money you spend on marketing now, should still be around in years to come so this is why we carefully pick the right websites that will stand the test of time.

Benefits of such links:

  1. Keep on the correct side of the latest Google algorithms
  2. Build a sustainable natural link profile
  3. Move rankings forward even in fiercely competitive markets
  4. We will only build guest blogs on relevant sites
  5. Links will build in page authority over time


  1. A 500+ word article in the native language of the targeted country
  2. We will only work with sites with a minimum page rank of 1 or above
  3. We will only build on sites that have a minimum domain authority of 25+
  4. If you need to approve the articles you can do
  5. If you need to hand pick sites you have the option too.

How to get started:

  1. Please contact us by phone or by the contact form
  2. We will send you an order sheet for you to complete
  3. We will provide you a quotation based on your job
  4. We will then generate an invoice for up-front payment
  5. Then we make a start on your guest blog post project

Call us today on 01242 261062 or E-mail: sales@guestblogpostservice.co.uk to place a trial order.

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